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“All points of contact, technicians and ease of doing business are fantastic. Quality work at quality prices. Would recommend to anyone.”

- Brent G.

“Desert Suns is professional, courteous, and thorough. As an intern architect and urban designer who deals with mechanical professionals on a regular basis, I can highly recommend Desert Suns for any residence's heating and cooling.”

- David D. - Terra Designs LLC.

“These guys are great! They have worked on both my furnace and my hot water heater and have been absolutely professional, quick and fair in their pricing. I have had zero issues with their work, and they bent over backwards to help me, even before I became a customer! You could not find anyone better to service your needs. I cannot say enough good things about them, so I hope you use them and post your own positive review.”

- Kevin K. - New Mexico Gas Company

“Thank you for an excellent experience in changing over from a standard evaporative cooler to an AeroCool unit.”

- Sandra R.

“Exceptional professionalism and service
I have been with Desert Suns since its inception and have never been disappointed by any aspect of its service, whether it is provided by the technicians, office staff, or owner.”

- Karen C.

“I have been a client of Desert Suns for several years. They have excellent employees who are friendly and know what they are doing. I highly recommend them to everyone wanting a professional heating and air conditioning company.”

- Daniel K.

“The company and the technician are very professional and thorough. They are timely and provide great feedback on the service performed.”

- Larry G.

“Desert Suns Heating & Cooling Inc. Great Service And Company!
I have been using Desert Suns Heating & Cooling for roughly 5-6 years. I have had a very good interaction with the company in the past. They have serviced my heater and my cooler in the past and have done an amazing job. I am currently in a new residence and I will continue to use their service. I find that the staff is very professional and easy to work with. I think that the quality of their service is really consistent, so I would absolutely recommend them to other people, and I would continue to use them in the future. I give them five stars all around!”

- Christopher S.

“Desert Suns Heating and Cooling got us the AC unit we needed. I live in Santa Fe where getting people to show up on time is difficult, and this company was very responsive. They were also very professional and knowledgeable about their products. They didn't try to sell us something we didn't need. We talked trough what our needs were, looked at the various options, and found the best solutions. What we got was not necessarily the most expensive, best it was the best fit for us. We went with Desert Suns because somebody else said they were fantastic and told us to consider them for the same reasons I mentioned above, they get you the right product.”

- Kati C.